Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day Two Hundred Thirty Four

Slip slidin' away.

The effects of stress on the body have been well documented.  Heretofore, however, I doubt that the effects of stress on clutter clearing have been properly studied and documented.  I'm wondering if the government has a grant or endowment (really like that word) program available that would enable me to be paid to study it.  I'd do it for a sensible sum, something in the low six figures would be enough I think.  I'd have to pay my contributors probably but they work cheap.  I have four children, three siblings with families, a cat in heat and a raw meat eating dog with gas to help keep my stress level up allowing me to test whether or not clutter can still be cleared under trying circumstances.

In a matter of days I'll run out of low hanging fruit aka the big pile of things cleared but not yet listed.  Then I'll really be put to the test.  ;-)

For tonight, I've got it made:
1.  A pair of gray sweat pants with goofy pockets that for some reason remind me of high school in the 70s.
2.  A plain black ball cap.  I can't remember anyone in this house ever wearing ball caps yet I've come across dozens.
3.  A pair of black suede shoes.
4.  A hot pink bra.  The kind with the really well formed cups.  My sisters refer to them as "nut cups" as you could serve cocktail peanuts out of them at a party if you were short on bowls.
5.  A dog leash.

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