Friday, December 10, 2010

Day Two Hundred Two

This season of giving and sharing and love is the most stressful for many.  Some years I find at this time of year that the people I run into out and about are uncharacteristically friendly and forgiving; when you need to change lanes or when you drop something, people will let you in or pick it up.  This year I am running into the opposite.  I see people flipping each other off and the kids come home almost daily with a story of a near miss with a bad driver and how mean they were even if they were in the wrong.  The worry that I don't have enough money to make a splashy Christmas for all those I usually give to could really stress me out and make me feel like I was letting everyone down.  Yet as I get deeper and deeper into my process of letting things go I am also more accepting of the notion that giving of myself is an adequate substitute for gifting.  I'm not sure how my mother did it but there was always a mountain of gifts under the tree each year, an excess almost.  Lovingly given as it definitely was, it branded Christmas for me as a time of excess which was difficult to shake until recently.  So bring on the cookies and the music and the decorating and especially the Christmas letters telling of the year you had as those are the things I love.  The experiences of the season are priceless and starting tomorrow I'm going to start thinking about Christmas.  It is time.  Ho ho ho.

Here are today's five items:
1.  A stuffed gorilla on a lanyard - don't ask me, it recently showed up and I have no idea
2.  A stapler (I have four....three might be enough)
3.  A plastic file box
4.  A glass 5x7 picture frame
5.  Gadgets that you attach to your faucets that create a blue light when water runs through them - don't fit my faucets

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