Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day One Hundred Seventy Eight

Some of you know me personally and know that I've got a daughter who is chronically ill.  Now the rest of you know this as well.  She is being transferred from the hospital she is in here to a big medical center in San Francisco by ambulance tomorrow and I will follow her.  I have no idea how long we'll be there but am quite hopeful that this group of specialists will be able to help her.  I tell you this because I will try to make blog entries but really make no promises at this juncture.  It is stressful to watch someone you love in pain and I don't completely understand why but sitting in a hospital room is utterly exhausting, at least for me, even when doing little.  So between the stress and the exhaustion and the uncertainty about internet connections there is a good chance I won't be up to my usual tricks here.

That being said I'll tell you all how nice it is to come here at night and tell a little story, share a cool picture, keep you connected to me through my planning for The Gypsy Tour, get encouragement for my progress.  So who knows, maybe my indomitable spirit will see me through and I'll 'show up'!  I'm taking a list of blog items just in case!!  Have to tell you that as I packed for the trip I opened up one of two remaining drawers full of jeans (I know you can't believe this to be true after the number I've already culled but it is) and had a little dressing room action going on.  Cracked myself up so many times I can't count.  My sisters are right, I should never be allowed to shop alone.

My daughter found and sent me this.  She really gets me.
These things found their way onto the to-go pile today:
1.  A pair of shot glasses, one has dice on it and the other says "Hollywood" with a filmstrip image
2.  A stack of four plastic drinking glasses that were used for dice games in the past
3.  A digital clock radio
4.  A pair of jeans - really fit me well but they are super floods - I thought I would overlook this but in the end couldn't so they've been sitting and waiting for me to sew something onto the bottom to make them longer.  Yeah, um, that's just not gonna happen
5.  A pair of jeans, ugly ugly mom jeans

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