Friday, October 29, 2010

Day One Hundred Sixty One

Epic fail on the turkey in the pit.  Dug it up all excited this afternoon, mouth watering in anticipation of succulent meat in my mouth.  The butter hadn't even melted on the outside of the bird!!!  So, intrepid woman that I am, I called the source - my sister's neighbor.  He explained that the pit he cooks in is brick lined.  A tiny little detail that my sister was either unaware of or innocently left out but important clue to our failure.  The fact that this has been the wettest October ever here and the soil was damp surely didn't help.  So he made some recommendations and we're trying again.
1.  Put more rocks in the pit so there is no chance the bird comes in contact with the cold soil.
2.  Build a bigger fire and let it burn longer, we need LOTS of really hot coals.
3.  Put the foil wrapped meats in a metal bucket (I have the perfect one) and place some coals in the bucket with the meat.
4.  Try to actually bury the bucket in coals, no cool soil touching the bucket.
5.  Snug the very hot rocks all around and on top of the bucket.
6.  Try to bury with the driest soil you've got available.

I'm going to add a step to that after watching a Man vs. Wild episode where he cooked a puff adder in a pit.  I'm going to make a small depression in the top of the pit and build a second fire so there are hot coals on the top/outside as well.

I could just take the advice of a friend who shall remain nameless but still has me laughing, "Bigger, deeper, hotter.....its what all women need to melt the butta." 

BIGGER bed of coals

HOTTER contact with the bird
DEEPER into the bottom of the pit

Keep your fingers crossed!

These things are gone from my home:
1.  Nearly full bottle of d:fi hair smoothing serum
2.  A beige ceramic plant pot
3.  An orange and white vase
4.  A hot pink metallic plant pot
5.  A ceramic plant pot, beige with  maroon flowers

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