Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirteen

Whew.  An absolute whirlwind of activity today, all over the place emotionally and intellectually and artistically.  Let me once again say a hearty thank you to the universe for my exceptional coping skills, I am truly grateful for them.

Dear blog buddies, I have too much to do tonight for me to offer much up to you.  You'll have to settle for a little information.  Sold a stack of books for $6 to my favorite bookstore, Grassroots Books and sold three that I had listed on Alibris.  And some goddesses!  I have more money for the trailer chassis and should be ordering it soon, getting very excited.  I still need to work out an exterior color scheme so I know what color to have them paint it.  I'm at an artist retreat the weekend of the 25th and think I might devote the weekend to building a little scale model of my gypsy wagon to help me visualize it.  I'm so much more comfortable in 3D.

Here's what goes on the pile tonight:

1.  A box of Q-tips - I have a few around here, why is that?  Sales I think
2.  A little black frog statue
3.  A coral t-shirt
4.  A teal t-shirt
5.  A ghastly tropical print shirt in purple and white - I really crack myself up sometimes when I'm doing this, tonight it was this shirt  that tickled my funny bone :-)

If you haven't checked out the additional post for the Quote Challenge go do it now!

Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map

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