Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day One Hundred Six

Babies, babies, babies.  I've got the distinct pleasure of having friends whose daughters are about to give birth, in fact one is in labor right now and the other is having twins on Tuesday.  She told a funny story today.  Almost 19 years ago I had a set of twins, I know what it is like.  She said she was going to the doctor for a checkup and her husband dropped her off at the loading zone but someone commented and changed it to loading dock which cracked me up.  I remember going into a bathroom in a firehouse that was really tiny, a sink and a toilet only.  The door opened in with the sink on the left and the toilet on the right.  It was really tricky to get around the door to the toilet side of the little bathroom.  Well, getting out was a different story.  I was stuck.  It was ridiculous, but I couldn't get out of the bathroom because my enormous belly was in the way.  The fire guys thought this was hysterical of course and in retrospect it is but I have to say at the time I was just mortified.  They were all laughing and giving me great advice on how to get out and eventually I backed around the edge of the door and got out....too funny.

Tonight my thoughts are with the young mothers on the cusp of the greatest adventure life has ever offered me, motherhood.  Woo hoo!!!  

Here are the items for today:

1.  A robin's egg blue pillowcase
2.  A white pillowcase
3.  Another white one (distinctly looks like it was pinched from a hospital)
4.  A super nice one, high thread count, ribbon edge
5.  Another pillowcase, this one with an embroidered edge

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