Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day One Hundred Nine

Designing something life changing is a protracted process.  I'll feel like I have most things figured out and then something else comes to mind.  I think it would be fair to describe me as someone who knows a little about a lot of things and this gypsy wagon and Gypsy Tour is really helping me add to that list.  After it is all over I will build myself a house; I can only imagine the challenge that will be, no doubt  above and beyond what I expect.  I spent a good portion of today trying to design something really simple; a necklace.  Since that took me four hours it helps me put into perspective why this is such a long process.  The process of clearing excess is also long when you do it this way.  I know that if I hadn't thought of doing this blog that I could have/would have cleared out the house, the acre and the garage in a week or two of frantic work.  However, I much prefer this method and feel confident that I'm making thoughtful decisions about what to keep and what to let go.

A while back I asked if anyone else had thoughts about what they could accomplish using this incremental method.  Well, here's one response:
I salute the bravery of my dear dear friend for putting a weight loss goal "out there".  Check out her blog, she writes wonderfully and you'll enjoy sharing her experience with her.  I'm with her all the way, little changes are immensely powerful.

These five little things are out of my way, out of my life and off my mind today:

1.  A yellow mug
2.  A green, beige and pale lavender tablecloth - actually pretty cool, just doesn't match anything anymore
3.  A pair of little oriental soup spoons
4.  Awaken the Genius by Patrick K. Porter, PhD.
5.  The Road Less Traveled and Beyond by M. Scott Peck, M.D.

Before I put it on the pile I opened The Road Less Traveled to a random page and my eyes fell on this quote:  "Integrity requies, among other things, the willingness to endure discomfort for the sake of truth."  I've loved all his books.  This reminds me of quotes - I'm going to host a quote challenge, details coming Wednesday.

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