Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day One Hundred Fifteen

I had a great time in California, the class I taught went well.  Everyone had a good time and made beautiful things.  I'll post a few pics another day.  It was a miracle to get out of town on time and on the road.  I had to cram about four hours' work into two and a half hours before I left.  In the middle of concentrating and moving as fast as I possibly could one of my kids came in and threw a monkey wrench into the works.  It happens rarely, but it does happen that sometimes I actually get mad.  This one tweaked my morning out of kilter by picking a fight at the most inopportune moment possible.  Normally I stay calm, sidestep the mess and carry on.  This time however I got completely, fully, totally mad.  Picture me working at my computer with complicated paperwork spread out all over my desk and getting so angry that I got up and actually hopped up and down with fists clenched by my desk.  I was hopping mad.  Literally.

Of course I got home today and the offender offered a full apology, took responsibility for the altercation and used great tact by not mentioning my ridiculous outburst.  And so it goes....

Today these items are on the pile:

1.  hand mirror
2.  curling iron 1/2 inch barrel
3.  curling brush 1" barrel
4.  curling iron 1" barrel
(yes, daughters, I've stared on the upstairs bathroom)

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