Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day One Hundred One

One of the seriously wonderful benefits of getting rid of things is finding stuff you forgot you had.  Living in a house with a bunch of kids makes you a little overprotective of certain things.  When they're little it is your good scissors so they don't cut cardboard or toast or something like that with them.  When they're bigger it is your tweezers and the nail clippers and envelopes - I always had a hidden stash.  The problem with that is I often hid things in my over-exhausted parental state of delirium and then could not find them.  Today I found my really good pair of Fiskars scissors!  I was tickled pink; haven't seen them in years.  I also found another pair of scissors that were of medium quality that had MOM written on them with a Sharpie.  I remember getting those for Christmas from one of the kids one year and being told I deserved them.  So sweet.  I have been known to say, "You can have nice things or you can have children but you can't have both."   I used to put a little piece of duct tape over the opening of the VCR after the second time one of the twins stashed goodies in there that rendered it useless and in need of repair.  Life seems so comparatively calm now; I never find a stick of butter in the desk and most things are right where I leave them.  Once I figure out how to remember where that is I'll let you know.

After a few hours of work I tackled the dog hair issue this morning.  I was resolute that I would take control of this situation.  I did some internet research and then went and bought a rake (no, it isn't a gardening tool) and some fur eliminator thingy.  One cost $5 and one cost $20 and they both did a good job on different aspects of the project.  After two hours of brushing out in the yard (with periods of play and obedience training liberally mixed in) and another hour of doing all the floors again, things seem to be better.  I've read that this happens twice a year with German Shepherds so I can handle it.  She looks gorgeous now and seems very proud of herself.  I also got her new toys as she finally chewed up a couple of favorites.  Onto the chewed up list also goes a rather stunning pendant I made with the most silver I've ever used in a piece.  Somehow she got it off the island in the kitchen where I laid it after I finished polishing it and chewed it to bits.  Big bummer.

Made another $200 for the Gypsy Tour by selling my son's bass.  Almost have enough to order the trailer chassis.  I agreed he could sell it if he gave me a percentage of the money as I had bought it and given it to him as a gift only a little over a year ago because he had to have it.  So now we're both happy and I have my first item on today's list!

Here is what left the premises today:
1.  A gorgeous stand up bass
2.  A very good dog brush that is suitable for a different breed than I have
3.  A picture frame that has always reminded me of a tissue box holder
4.  Two rulers
5.  Two pencil sharpeners.

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