Friday, August 13, 2010

Day Eighty Six

I've been wondering lately what it is about this process that seems to soothe me.  Believe it or not, I really look forward to checking in with you all and posting my progress.  I'm not doing anything extraordinary.  I'm not even doing anything that impacts anyone else's life.  After all, the number of books on my shelves or blouses in my closet has little to do with anything other than the space available in those places.  So what is it?  I'm delighted when I receive messages from readers who have decided to get rid of excess stuff from their homes but I didn't start this to inspire others.  I think it is that I feel like my life has witnesses here.  I have been divorced for a long time and alone for a while.  Yes, I have one teenager at home but he is a busy guy with a job, a girlfriend, a band.  Other than reminding me to keep cereal and mint chip ice cream in the house he doesn't communicate all that much with me.  So if I chronicle what I'm doing here and my dreams for my future then someone knows.  You all know.  I find comfort in that.

Know this, I release the following today:

1.  A gourd - was going to somehow decorate this but that isn't going to happen
2.  A big container shaped like a Duplo block full of Legos
3.  A stack of six pillowcases
4.  A cribbage board
5.  A silk Laurel Burch scarf

Don Vardo Plans
Gypsy Tour Map


  1. I think the Greeks called it "catharsis." (I would prefer to make the metaphor secular.) It is my personal joy to read the blog every morning with my coffee, in my white nighty. You know, now that you've got us all hooked you have to keep this up all through the tour?

  2. I love reading about the details of your life! After all, there are millions more little moments than grand ones in our lives. And I find it comforting, too, when my loved ones listen to the minutiae of my day. Somehow, it validates my life and makes me feel closer to those dear ones who may be far away, but are still so well-loved.

  3. T, you KNOW that what happens in Murrells Inlet stays in Murrells Inlet. Substitute Reno or any other city as needed. I guess I could talk about the traffic and the weather. ;-)



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