Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Forty Nine

How cool is this?  This is the perfect laundry solution for a gypsy wagon.  It washes 4-5 pounds of clothes which is the equivalent of ten shirts or two pairs of jeans.  I can do my own laundry on the road without going to a laundromat.  I love this!

Today I went back to the desk and found the following to give away:

1.  A bag of coin wrappers - now that I know my bank just wants you to bring in change in a baggie
2.  Two more stretchy book covers - they seem to be breeding in those drawers somehow
3.  A ziploc bag filled with markers
4.  Another silver napkin ring
5.  A blue ceramic 5x7 picture frame

Woo hoo!


  1. Kim,
    I found one of these recently at the Salvation Army and gave it to my folks to make compost in! I could ask if they ever used it...

  2. Hi Trish! That would be great. I could experiment with it for laundry; I'd love that if they're not using is.


  3. Hi Kim!
    The folks got rid of it, but I heard a rumor of another one around...I'll let you know if it ever turns up. Your blog is inspiring! Wanna do clay sometime?

  4. I'd love to, Trish. Wednesdays are the only day that I can't fit a few hours of fun into. Call me!

  5. How about next Wednesday? I don't have your



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