Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day Fifty

There are so many dragonflies in my front yard that it is like a little heliport.  If they'd only hold still I'd count them for you but they are darting around eating insects like crazy.  I imagine every tasty morsel to be a mosquito, the one that would have liked to come inside and bite me in my sleep tonight.  It is a rough estimate but there are easily 20-30 of them that I can see right now.  They are the large ones, shimmering rust colored and so magical it feels miraculous.  It isn't, of course, a miracle.  What it is however, is a great example of the benefits of creating habitat with good design, good intentions, the wisdom of permaculture.  What was once a dry acre, bladed bare in my ignorance, devoid of much of anything other than dirt (I picked my original carpet by taking in a baggie of the dirt and telling them to match it as closely as they could), is now a thriving, wondrous place.  "If you build it, they will come" applies not only to dead baseball players as it turns out.

Into the big red bucket today goes:

1.  A 1.5" red vinyl 3-ring binder
2.  A cassette tape, Christmas is for Children by Nat King Cole
3.  A bag of 7 #2 pencils (left over from a package of 144 I bought I think, so not too much waste there!)
4.  A basketball
5.  A football

Not my picture but this is what they look like!

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