Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day Fifty Two

Whew!  Almost missed my midnight deadline today.  Turns out that sick kid trumps blog.  However, she got good care in the ER and I'm home in time to gather up five items.  Interestingly, once she had a dose of dilaudid on board she started talking, turned into a real Chatty Cathy doll as a matter of fact.  She started talking about my blog and how it has made her think about "things" a lot more and how things aren't acquired by money but by our life's energy.  Made the mama happy both to see her get some relief and to know she's paying attention.

Here's what I release from the bondage of non-usage today:
1.  An Uno game
2.  An automatic card shuffler
3.  A stack of piano books
4.  A stack of violin books
5.  A Texas Instruments graphing calculator (thought I couldn't donate this because a child ((who shall remain nameless but you know who you are)) had written "Don't Touch My F-----g Calculator" on it with a Sharpie but I was able to scrub it off!)  So typical of a house full of teenagers, cracks me up.

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