Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day Fourteen

I like doing things in little workable pieces. When I work I set a timer for 45 minutes on my desk. After that time goes by I reset it for 15 minutes and tuck it in my pocket and get up. I can wash a sink of dishes, wipe down a bathroom, water newly planted trees, pot up some flowers, etc. It gets me moving which keeps my back from screaming at me for sitting too long. It also means that at the end of my workday I also have a tidy house, dinner on if I'm cooking, a feeling that I got a lot done and five items for my "to go" pile.

Today they are:
1. A shoeshine brush (laughable that I even own this thing!)
2. A kid's video game "20 Questions - People"
3. A kid's video game "20 Questions - TV"
4. A dustmop
5. A container full of cookie cutters (I kept all the stars, the cardinal, the hearts, the gingerbread men and the leaf)


  1. whats left after what you kept of the cookie cutters? seems you probably kept everything....

  2. Oh heavens no. I have Peanuts characters, halloween cutters (bat, cat, etc.), an elephant, a fire truck, candy cane, snowman, Christmas tree, even a cutter shaped like a foot! Four kids, right? Lots and lots of cookies.



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