Monday, June 28, 2010

Day Forty

"Forty days and forty nights...." (feel free to sing out loud)

Whew!  The big 40th day already, it seems to be going by so quickly.  This weekend is the 4th of July which seems to have gotten here way too soon as well.  I keep thinking I have lots of time to figure things out and get everything squared away and then some days I feel incredibly unprepared.  Maybe I need to change this blog to 10 a day!  One of my new chickens kept tipping over this morning, just tipping forward until her beak hitting the ground stopped her from falling over.  I checked her out a few times today and she was weak and pathetic each time.  Yet tonight when I went to put them to bed she was as frisky as can be.  Maybe she'll pull through!

Found this great little tiny house (261 sf) made by the Tumbleweed Tiny House company.  Note the color scheme, it is what I'm considering for my Gypsy Wagon.

Into the big red basket today go:

1.  A throw pillow that used to be on the couch but now mostly lives propped up against a wall in the living room
2.  A second pillow that matches the first
3.  An odd little game I bought trying to cheer up the kids once - a battery operated penguin that throws cards across the table with its little rubber flippers and you have to find matches
4.  A fancy hanger with a crocheted jacket on it
5.  "Infinity Rings", new in package - something for miraculously turning yardage into lovely curtains

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