Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Forty One

I have many people tell me they're following my progress and ridding themselves of their excess "stuff".  It is nice to imagine all of us with clearer homes and the subsequent clarity of being that brings.  Heard from a friend today who intends to move with his family to an intentional community where they do not use any fossil fuels in any form.  To all of you who think what I'm undertaking is brave, try that one on for a minute!

Yikes and egad!  I can't believe I almost let midnight sneak up on me.  It would be the first time I haven't made a blog entry on the right date.  I got busy working with clay and the time went whooshing by.  So I'm off to bed now, some work I'm pleased with ready for finishing.

Found the following to donate today:

1.  A hoodie that is exactly the color of an alligator
2.  A silver metal napkin ring
3.  A printer cartridge for a printer I no longer own
4.  A nice wooden ruler
5.  A metal carabiner clip with a pocket knife blade built into it

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