Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day One Hundred Eleven


Just a few words I like a lot lately.

In giving my soon to be gypsy lifestyle more thought I find myself casting about for information on topics of a wide range.  One thing I  was pleasantly surprised to find is information on the National Association of the Self Employed.  Evidently they offer health insurance plans for people without employers.  I've requested a quote, I'll let you know what I find out.  I also keep coming across blogs of people living simple, nomadic lives.  I really had no idea how many people were doing this but am now starting to think it is more than previously imagined.  I find this hugely comforting somehow even though I don't have any intention of trying to meet them or see if they're organized in any way.  Just knowing others are successfully doing it is quite a nice bit of information.  Maybe this economy has forced people out of their homes and that is part of the impetus.  As awful as things are for so many people, so many families, I can't help but wonder if when the dust settles from all this it will prove to have been a good thing.  To stop the crazy cycle of acquisitiveness and indebtedness that has plagued us for the last couple of decades can only be a good thing.  I hope with all my heart that everyone gets back on their feet.  

The days we get new babies are, arguably, the very best of days.  Beautiful twin babies were born to my dear friend's daughter and son-in-law today and I'm over the moon.  All are doing well.  Welcome to the world, Emerie and Wesley.  It's gonna be a blast having you here!

Out with the old:

1.  A patio door latch I bought that wasn't the right size and never returned
2.  A large bottle of sunscreen - a brand I can't use
3.  A big tube of green tea cream
4.  A collection of casino pins - quite a few from Circus Circus (I have no idea where they came from)
5.  A necklace with green beads


  1. I am interested to hear about the insurance.... thanks!

  2. I read a study several years ago that a federal study based on BLM public land use (primarily dispersed camping or off grid RVers) that it was believed that as many as 1 in 30 Americans may be at least partially itinerant. That really shocked me at first. As I travel around and talk to more people I find that there are a lot of retirees and others who have a base somewhere and travel some sort of circuit throughout the year. The BLM has even set up Long Term Visitor Areas in parts of the west. There are more of us than the mainstream image believes I guess.

  3. I don't ever need to see a tiger, lion, elephant up close and personal. Just need to know they are existing in their natural habitat somewhere. And so it is with nomads. I just need to know they are able to survive in that existence.



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