Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day Ninety Seven

When my youngest son was about 10 and still in need of occasional help with cleaning his room I used to go in and just sort his things and tidy up for him.  He had all these little plastic boxes that looked like primary colored Duplo blocks.  They were a container that baby wipes used to come in that were meant to be useful as a storage box later on.  He probably had a dozen or more.  When I would go to clean up his room I'd open those up, hoping to put the dinosaurs together and the Legos together, etc.  What I invariably found were collections like this:  one white sock, a Lego motorcycle helmet, a rubber spider with a string paper clipped to one of its legs, a popsicle stick with a moustache drawn on it taped to a piece of binder paper folded into an airplane, the lid off a plastic beverage bottle, a couple of coins, a rock and a crust from a sandwich.  They would all have that kind of stuff in them and I would lament that it was such a kid thing to do.  Now as I open drawers that have half a box of paper clips, a charger to a phone that is long gone, two old phone books, a string bubble blower with the string half mouse eaten, a piece of cardboard with  six thumbtacks in it and a crescent wrench I spent 40 minutes looking for this spring, I realize it isn't a kid thing at all, it is just a disorganization thing!  :-)

I found a box of old business cards from an enterprise about 20 years ago.  I used to make handmade wooden carousels.  Loved this logo that I drew which incorporated some of the critters I used to make from wood:

I'm keeping one and putting the rest in the recycling.   They're so old that they still have the old area code on them; I always loved that old phone number.

Today I am letting go of:

1.  A DVD/VCR player
2.  A boom box
3.  A pretty polka dot gift box
4.  A document frame - 8 1/2 x 11"
5.  Yet another pair of jeans - these seem to be as prevalent as the stretchy book covers

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