Monday, August 16, 2010

Day Eighty Nine

Sometimes I am reminded about the beauty of a "match made in heaven" and today was one of those days.  When I see an act of such tenderness and kind, loving compassion as I have in the last couple of days it really touches my heart.  It is what I wish my sons to be capable of and my daughters to find and enjoy.  Here's to the wonderful men in the lives of the women I love.  Thank you for loving them so well and for sharing them without hesitation with me.

My oldest son moved back home today for a few months until he leaves for the Army.  So now I'm in this house with two boys.  There will be loud music, guitar playing, laughter over video games, elbows on the table, more laundry and a chance to use up everything in the pantry and freezer.  Makes me immensely happy.  As he unpacked all his clothes he gathered up a pile to donate and then quipped that I was not allowed to count his clothes as items on my blog.  Funny.

I went out to my mailbox and found there a delightful surprise.  A new friend and blog follower sent me a CD of gypsy music.  It is very inspirational.  Listening to it stirs the passion in my heart for the path I've chosen.  As I listen, I imagine women with bandannas on their hair and rounded hips that move effortlessly to the music.  Women who can make fabulous cobblers from sun ripened peaches while balancing a baby on one knee.  And old women clapping their hands to the rhythms whose heads drop to their chests as they listen, remembering times when they've heard the same song before.  I see men with weathered faces and browned skin playing exotic stringed instruments with thick fingers on capable hands.  Hands that look like they could do anything.  Hands that could hold a woman just right.....ahhhhh, hard to find a good Gypsy these days in modern day Reno.  :-)  

Thank you so much, Sharon.  :-)

Today I let go of:

1.  Yet another baggie full of markers - I swear they breed in those drawers after I close them
2.  A shoe shine kit
3.  A dispenser for fabric softener that goes in the washer - quit using that stuff years ago
4.  The Gift of Change by Marianne Wiliamson
5.  Circle Houses - Yurts, Tipis and Benders by David Pearson

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