Friday, June 11, 2010

Day Twenty Three

I'm headed out to the wild country that I love in central Nevada.  No place I've been before makes my heart sing like the mountains in the high desert.  While the basin is dry and looks harsh and inhospitable, the magic that happens with elevation is spectacular.  Water flows, flowers dazzle, wildlife abounds and the smell is unreal.  I love it like nothing else.  After a long Gypsy Tour I think that is where I'll end up, loving my Nevada.  Here's a picture of the view from my property there.

Today onto the pile go:

1.  Black pair of pants - WAY too big
2.  Lovely brown button front sweater with embroidery on the collar - very 50's
3.  Checkered shirt with embroidery - very old lady (honestly - what was I thinking?)
4.  Green glitter bra - Burning Man anyone?
5.  Black bike shorts

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