Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day Twenty One

More clothes today.  I went to hang something in the closet and it was so full of things that never get worn that I couldn't fit in something I do wear.  Why can't I get rid of Army fatigue jackets?  Maybe during a later cut, but definitely not today.  And I wouldn't wear them even if they fit, so what's up with that?  Everyone tells me I look good in red, hot pink, vivid purple, black, cobalt blue.  So why am I drawn to the colors of sand, the palest fresh butter, the pink of a shell, cream, the sky when there is just a hint of blue showing after the sunrise?  Lesson:  just because you like a color doesn't mean you should wear it.

Onto the pile for today:

1.  Three fire department dress uniforms; gold braid, crazy bugles on brass buttons, the whole thing
2.  Butter yellow dress suit that makes me look 73
3.  A pale pale pink linen blouse cut like a Nehru jacket
4.  A fully lined camel colored sheath with teeny tiny buttons down the front that I made years ago
5.  An embellished denim jacket, beads, ribbons, color.  Very '80s.

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